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News in the Bubble-World

A Summer of Bubbles

26th of September

Our team is now in the crucial and exciting phase of final product development. We would like to give you a chronological overview of the most important events within the months...

Hello world!

23rd of April

Hello out there. Our web page is online and you can finally see, what we are working on since November last year. It's our vision...


Nikolas Hansen 

CCO - Chief Coding Officer

Niko is the expert for impossible codes and algorithms. He likes playing the guitar and driven by the desire to offer a unique and exceptional user experience, he takes care of the right recommendations for bubble-users.

Björn Kutzner

CBO - Chief Bubble Officer

Björn is the initial creator of bubbles and the creative mind behind the product development. He plays the bass and his love to simple designs and gamified elements defines the character of the app.

Tim Betzin

CHO - Chief Happiness Officer

Tim is the business head and front singer of the band. He takes care of marketing, partnerships and financing. He strongly believes in the bubble-mission and is your contact for all kind of requests. Just write him!